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FitSchool is a school adoption program focused on the health and sports performances of every students. Initiated by Asia College of Exercise Medicine, each adopted school shall receive a complete set of state of art testing and assessment apparatus and software as well as training equipment to enhance sports performances. Every staff will go through a comprehensive health and physical assessment. This program is to encourage more students to be physically active to combat non-communicable diseases (NCD) which is the number one killer of mankind. Physical inactivity is the 4th leading cause of the high death rates by NCD.

FUture of exercise therapy. 

Exercise therapy is a discipline under Exercise Medicine as recognized by The Ministry of Health, Malaysia to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases (NCD). Students will graduate as Exercise Therapists (ET) and will fill up vacancies in Exercise Clinics from our collaboration with the Ministry.

career guaranteed.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will be eligible to apply for the post of exercise therapists (ET). Our joint venture with the Ministry of Health has expanded the number of exercise clinics throughout the country and has increased job opportunities to all our students. Students will be eligible to apply for the following posts:

  • Administrations

  • Accounting 

  • Sales and marketing 

  • Research and Development 

  • Expansion programs

  • Training 

  • Therapy and treatment 

  • Innovations 

  • Equipment Testing and Design

  • Technical

  • Information Technology

criteria for


Successful candidates will undergo 3 years of academic and practical training before posted to any exercise clinics local or abroad. These specialised training will be conducted at The Asia College of Exercise Medicine.

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