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Community engagement is one of the many ways ACEM achieves its mission of educating students to “think deeply, live honorably, and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.” Through participation in community engagement activities and events, students will:


  • Become knowledgeable of a variety of local behavioral/social issues within community;

  • Understand the underlying and contributing factors that impact social behavioral/issues and various ways of addressing both the causes and effects of these issues;

  • Determine a personal ethical framework through which students see, interact with, and serve the local community around them;

  • Recognize how their multiple identities impact their service to others and the perception of that service;

  • Build skills related to leadership and citizenship by engaging in service and service learning opportunities aimed at alleviating social and behavioral problems;

  • Develop an attitude of meaningful life-long service in students’ local communities, state, nation and world.


Service and leadership are inextricably linked and are vital for each to be successful. The goal of leadership is to bring about positive change within community and society. Students are frequently engaging with the community in various health and exercise programs.

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