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Diploma in
Exercise Science


100% CAREER 


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Fully accredited by MQA.

The first ever college in Malaysia that offers the prestigious Diploma Of Exercise Science. Guaranteed job opportunities with attractive salary in Exercise Clinics, Gyms, Government Hospitals and also Private Medical Centres. Enquire about our May/June 2024 intake now!


Asia College of Exercise Medicine is the only college in the country that offers Diploma in Exercise Science.


This diploma is a new course approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, where patients who

are  diagnosed with non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Obesity and 

Diabetes will be given an exercise prescription with a specific dosage based on the health levels of the individual.


The students will be trained intensively for 3 years to become a qualified Exercise Therapist. Practical proficiency and exposure towards Non-Communicable Diseases will pave a way towards new professionals born in this new and booming industry.



This program is designed to educate students with the basic knowledge of medical physiology and other medical related subjects to have a foundation in the origin, cause and onset of non-communicable diseases (NCD).


Students are trained to apply the standard protocol of assessment and evaluation on the patients as diagnosed and referred by medical doctors of the components demonstrated in relation to the diseases.


Students will be able to read and interpret reports from the protocol of assessment and to give advice to patients’ lifestyles on eating habits, the importance of exercises and how to choose exercises.


Students will be competent to prescribe exercises programs to treat and to manage the diseases suffered by patients and to re-assess and re-evaluate the progress and refer patients back to medical doctors for further line of management.

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