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The annual branded event ‘Summit of Leaders, Oxford 2016’ was held under the aegis of Europe Business Assembly, The Academic Union, Oxford,ICL on the 20th of December 2016. For years the Summits of Leaders hosted in Oxford Town Hall have been a source of inspiration, learning and transformation for those who are looking to build better businesses and a better society. Traditionally Europe Business Assembly gathered together prominent academia, think tank, business icons, international leaders and CEOs, brilliant minds from 48 countries to discuss the issues and trends that will determine the future of education and business from.

The agenda included the plenary session with key-note speeches and presentations that highlighted current challenges in education management, an overview of The Academic Union, Oxford activities as well as presentation of training programmes of Business Training Center, Oxford. The presentations were divided into special sessions (academic and business) devoted to: ‘Innovative Solutions to Global Economic Challenges on a Regional Level’ and ‘Innovative Practices in Learning Process’.

Within the framework of The Socrates Award Ceremony best regional businesses, academia, leading scientific and medical institutions with solid professional reputation shared success stories and received the deserved European recognition from international business and professional elite.


At the Socrates Award Ceremony Europe Business Assembly was proud to present Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM) as a leader in the education industry. Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM) was awarded with the Best Educational Institution Award for the strong position in the national market and in international ratings, successful implementation of modern management technologies, high staff qualification and efficient marketing strategy. Dr. Lee Chee Pheng, CEO of Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM), was honoured as the Manager of the Year and was also elected as a member of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations (UN).

The Best Educational Institution Award project was established in 2000 to present leading regional educational institutions to European academia. Award nominees are carefully selected by the international expert council. Europe Business Assembly hopes for further successful development and rapid growth of the Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM) in the future.

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